Psychedelic Showdown Lands @ #4 on Mojo Aug Playlist


Psychedelic Showdown in Mojo Mag

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Psychedelic Showdown Review In Record Collector


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Speed Guru vs Plastic Crimewave Comic with 7in

Coming this Spring 2014!

Press Play:

Speed Guru vs. Plastic Crimewave Front Cover Book and Record Set

In the works for almost 3 years, early ’14 will see the release of the ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE vs. PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE comic book/45 record set on prophase music & film! Yes, plotted/written by Makoto Kawabata and I, and drawn by plastic Crimewave, this cataclysmic tale of aliens, magic, and psychedelia is actually somewhat autobiographical, and packaged just like the 70s “Power” book/record sets of his youth. The “soundtrack” on the 7″ is collaborative as well!


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Oblivion Sun The High Places Reviewed in Arlequins


*translated by Google from Italian

OBLIVION SUN The high places Prophase Music / Music Crafty Hands 2013 USA

Oblivion Sun The High Places

Second album as Oblivion Sun Stanley Whitaker (guitar and vocals) and Frank Wyatt (keyboards and horns), known to fans for their prog spent with Happy the Man Assisted by David Hughes (bass and vocals) and Bill Brasso (drums and percussion), the two give birth to another beautiful work, intense, full of intriguing ideas and solutions are never straightforward but largely descended from the ideas set out in the 70s by the band of “Crafty Hands”. If anyone still thinks that Happy the Man were basically a creature of the talented keyboardist Kit Watkins and he has not been enough evidence of reunion “The muse awakens”, should listen carefully to the two works of Oblivion Sun (in addition to the album name Pedal Giant Animals) to understand the importance, the skill and creativity of Wyatt and Whitaker. Already a cover very nice, a little ‘style fantasy, gives intriguing premise, but we think the opening words “Deckard” to start immediately the disc great with a beautiful instrumental piece in the style Happy the Man, through the jazz-rock exuberant and full of tempo changes and mood that knows how to be both structured and enjoyable, looking towards Canterbury, but without losing sight of the melody. “March of the mushroom men” is a short piece that starts with a march almost Zappa and then move towards a quality guitar rock, with hints vaguely à la Camel.The first song is sung “Everything”, a sort of semi-acoustic ballad and melancholy, while harder and closer to a hard rock class is “Dead sea squirrels”, menacing (but not too much), with a central part oriented towards a symphonic prog driven by keyboards.The highlight on the album is the eponymous suite, twenty-two minutes, broken down into 6 tracks. There is everything a fan could want prog: rhythmic variations and atmospheric, airy melodies, long instrumental moments where you feel twists and electro-acoustic solos fiery and fascinating, even steps floydiani and winks to the Genesis period 1976-1977 Romanticism … and jazz-rock go hand in hand and offer magical vibrations, showing the inventiveness of these out of the ordinary Americans still frisky and ready for a lively sound that technique and feeling are a perfect match. Bright and engaging, with a crystal clear production, “The high places” will not struggle to find favor of the listener, we are certainly not at the levels of “Crafty Hands”, but you could not expect much. Highly recommended!


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Rustzine reviews Serpent Throne Brother Lucifer

Serpent Throne

Serpent Throne
Brother Lucifer

August 21, 2013

Several years ago, before RUST was even RUST, we got Serpent Throne’s White Summer – Black Winter CD and it was one of the first (and many) great albums that the nice people at Prophase Music have sent us to review. So we were pleased on many levels to see the new Serpent Throne LP Brother Lucifer in our mailbox. Of course, we wanted to hear it, but we were also happy that this great band had not only survived to make another album, but that it was available on vinyl.

We had no idea when we put that delicious piece of hardened petroleum on our turntable that Brother Lucifer was not just going to be a great album, but that it was going to a legendary, amazing, timeless work of musical intensity and integrity. This album compares to the best classic hard rock and heavy metal from the best bands in their prime. And, on occasion, beats them handily.

One subject we keep bumping into at RUST is that bands get labeled and pigeon-holed into a narrow audience, and that this labeling relegates bands to second-class status. The issue is that when a band gets called a great pop band or a great metal band, that the insinuation is that they are great only within a limited space. And the message that readers of the modern diluted music press get is that you would like this band or that band IF you like this style or that style of music. It’s like there’s a built-in disclaimer that limits the public’s expectation of a new album or artist.

So what we have tried to do at RUST is to appreciate bands on their individual merits, not on a pre-established sliding scale of comparison to other bands. This is particularly relevant to Brother Lucifer as, yes, it is a heavy metal album, but it’s so damn good that it almost doesn’t matter what lineage it has sprung from and it doesn’t matter what kind of music fan a person is to be simply stunned by how excellent it is.

Musicians today struggle to be heard. We talk to them all day long and though there are financial realities and dreams of stardom still do come true… sometimes, all musicians want in this world is for people to hear them. So when an album comes out like Brother Lucifer, it defies genre classification and it’s not appropriate or fair to compare them to other bands.

Serpent Throne’s 4th album Brother Lucifer is simply amazing. The musicianship is transcendental, meaning that it is excellent on it’s own merits, and is not just a good album within a narrow style description. You could say that this one of the all-time greatest-ever heavy metal albums, and that would be true. But Brother Lucifer is one of the all-time greatest-ever albums period. It’s just plain legendary. Esse

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Oblivion Sun Announces Upcoming East Coast Performance Dates

Oblivion Sun has three upcoming east coast shows scheduled over the next few weeks. Frank’s broken wrist has healed and we’re back in action! The band will headline at each of the following events:

August 31st: Prog Day Music Festival, Chapel Hill, NC

September 9th: New Jersey Proghouse, Dunellen, NJ

September 13th: New England Art Rock Society, Regent Theater, Arlington, MA

Oblivion Sun The High PlacesOblivion Sun

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Stonerobixxx reviews new Serpent Throne LP Brother Lucifer

Reviewed: Serpent Throne – Brother Lucifer

Serpent Throne deliver a mighty fine instrumental record for your listening pleasure. Although a fairly recent band, the record Brother Lucifer is topnotch instrumental doom / stoner and hasn’t shown any signs of wear after heavy, repeated listening.

With three records already on their name, their fourth effort may be their best to date. Hailing from Philadelphia (the city, not the cheese), Serpent Throne deliver what well may be the best instrumental piece of stoner rock this year. Serpent Throne manage to sound enthralling without leaving you wondering if a singer would spice up things even more. Just like the early records of Karma To Burn.

Take a look at the awesome artwork by the way! Brings back sweet memories of Apocalypse Now and Heart Of Darkness. According to their facebook, Brother Lucifer is available on digital download on iTunes,, rhapsody and more. The CD version is out since April 30th, and Vinyl in June. I sure hope to experience them live at Roadburn or another great festival. Most probably Serpent Throne will make my top something list of 2013.

Favorite tracks: Foxtrot Tango Whiskey, Napalm Mourning, Widowmaker.

Out now on CD & Vinyl through Prophase Music.

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