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Dave DeMarco
Dave DeMarco

All roads lead to Rome, all cows eat grass and eventually, all sidemen release their own record. Such is the case with bassist Dave DeMarco, currently enjoying his highest-profile sideman gig to date as the newest member of Crack The Sky – the band whose debut record Rolling Stone magazine hailed as the year’s best (in 1975). Additionally, as a session bassist he has landed work alongside some of fusion’s most notable luminaries like Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed, Steve Hunt and Larry Fast. It was DeMarco’s work with neo-proggers Oblivion Sun that exposed him to an international audience via the band’s 2007 debut for Prophase Music. DeMarco left Oblivion Sun in 2009, assembled a state-of-the-art home studio and began creating the demos which lead to Prophase signing him to a solo deal last year.

The working title of DeMarco’s debut solo CD is Everything You Hear; so titled because he plays all the instruments on the disc, including his unwieldy 15-string bass guitar which looks like result of a one-night stand between a medieval lute and a cricket bat. Far from being one of those noodley bass-centric excursions, the record combines his love of Latin jazz, stoner-rock, white gospel and heavy roots rock into a collection that only a mother could love (provided that mom eats acid like Pez).

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