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I Will I were a Gothic Rock/Experimental band that played live shows from 1996 to 2002. They were based out of Philadelphia and released one cassette demo (Grasping The Unculture) and one CD (The Pope’s Ring Is Made Of Stolen Gold). Other releases they are featured on include, The Unquiet Grave, The Goth Box DVD, Beneath The Tides Compilation, and The Tongue Achieves The Dialect (Rozz Williams Tribute). Bassist and vocalist John Begley was also known as Philadelphia Radio Y100’s “Goth Guy”. During the same period he played recorded with other Philadelphia based artists such as Live Not On Evil, David E Williams and Necromantik Sunshine. I Will I side projects include Vasarian’s Dream and The Stem Cells. In August 2008 I Will I filmed a video for their track “Wilted Love”. Their second CD “Resurfaced Faces” has yet to be released. The band had two female singers, Brenda Dodd and Kai Altair of Circle Of Hearts. Mike Demonte and Tito Altamar played guitar and John’s twin brother Joe played drums. The band was also joined periodically on stage by experimental painter Rain of

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